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The cup appears full, 

but my thirst is not satisfied.


So many colors before me that they’ve lost they’re meaning, 

Or is it that I am blind?


Yes, I keep pressing 

Against the walls of my ignorance, 

But all that’s left is the sting.



No more tears left for the weak.  

Only a sword to defend them with.  

Alone, I hurl it toward the sky 

With anger and confusion, 

But the lord does not answer me.  


My faith not swayed, 

I know that I must not have understood the reply. 


The freedom of knowledge 

Is paid with the sacrifice of innocence.  



Let’s go, 

But we can never return. 

The flight we take into the mental abyss might lead 

To places we never intended, 

But who cares about innocence anyway?

My Friend,

Don’t forget to close the door behind us.


                                                           Inspired by: Jimi Hendrix

Jesus “Jesse” Rodriguez II 


Last edit ©01/15/99

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