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To The Teacher,



There may come a time when you feel insignificant.


There may be times when you question your position.


It may become difficult to stand your ground.


You may feel over-burdened or under-challenged.


You may think that your ministry is inconsequential, but all these things are only doubts. 


God puts his hand on the oppressed and under-privileged and this makes you his tool. 


You sharpen the sword against ignorance, and this sword will give you strength.  Your position is a strategic one in God’s mysterious plan.  You must have the conviction of a faithful soldier on the battlefield.  You must believe that you are critically needed where you are. 


Believe- that the disadvantaged will remember you.  


Believe- that if you can create fond memories, you have given an invaluable gift that will last forever.



Jesus Rodriguez, © 10/14/97


Inspired by Mr. Prucha, Mr. and Mrs. Doyle, Mrs. Kazarian, Mr. Sigala, Ms. Devers, Mr. Penner, Dr Ghamsary, and Dr. Charles Stark. 

Thank you. 


To Dr. Stark, 


            Love has such fantastic repercussions; your kindness has changed my life forever.

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